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Discover Sri-Lanka

Sri Lanka « tear Buddha » is a very cozy island with varied and exceptional landscapes. A discovery tour of Sri Lanka: adventure, culture, trekking, wildlife,cooking, Ayureveda … everything is done to amaze you

For a stay in Sri Lanka, you must obtain an ETA (online visa application): Official Website Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) of Sri Lanka. This is not really an entry visa but electronic authorization on the territory, certified by the Department of Immigration of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan rupee, the course is different from the Indian rupee is subdivided into 100 cents. This course may vary. The banknotes are printed in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Euros are changed everywhere. The dollar, which has a lower exchange rate, is the most widely used to indicate the price reference currency.

Health, Golden rule: never drink tap water. Use filtered water bottle or encapsulated.

Beaches in Sri Lanka: it is almost impossible to walk in a coastal region without discovering a beautiful sandy stretch. Diving and snorkeling: Excellent spots exist all around the coast, but they are, for the most largely ignored.

Buddhist temples or Hindu: Modest or grandiose, multiple temples testify to a history of over 2000 years. To discover Sri-Lanka by organizing your visit to coincide with afeast, you will live an unforgettable experience.

Discover Sri-Lanka

Safaris : Sri Lanka is populated by several parks where you will discover imposing mammals such as Asian elephants. We can also observe many other animals: leopards, buffaloes, many birds …

Sri Lanka is populated by several parks

Purchasing : The best harvested products: tea, spices … Many small « craftsmen » working with wood, stone … Precious stones including moonstone … Ayurveda is a traditional medicine whose care is for heal and preserve youth. Widely practiced in Sri Lanka to treat various ailments, Ayurveda attracts many visitors.

The best harvested products

Heritage : UNESCO has listed eight sites of Sri Lanka on the World Heritage List, an impressive figure for such a small island. Discover Sri-Lanka Colonial architecture. The Dutch, the Portuguese and the British dominated in turn Sri Lanka. Some of the buildings they left behind are now famous monuments.

UNESCO has listed eight sites of Sri Lanka

To Discover Sri-Lanka, You will be delighted to travel in the middle of a lush tropical vegetation

lush tropical vegetation

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